Welcome to the Bitcoin gold fever stage

bitcoin gold fever

By the time I write this article, we are probably  already in a Bitcoin gold fever stage.  What do I mean by gold fever? For me a gold fever stage is a fase where people buy things because they believe that the item will go up a lot in value. They can become really rich.

This year Bitcoin sky rocked in value. For the majority who doesn’t understand bitcoin were surprised by the value increase of Bitcoin. At first they thought that Bitcoin couldn’t be more worth then 2000 USD. But then they got proven wrong it went to the value of 3000 USD. And right when people thought the that value would go down it went up to 4000 USD. And now at the moment of writing this article, the bitcoin value is around $6000 USD!

Not too long ago the believers of Bitcoin were being ridiculed. People couldn’t believe that Bitcoin would lasted a long life. Or why it should go in value in millions of dollars. Most of the people thought that it was madness. Crazy! Now these people are starting to believe it. I mean how can you not. If you look at the Bitcoin value, it has been breaking records after records this year and last year.

Will the Bitcoin gold fever last long?

It’s hard to say how long this Bitcoin fever is going to last. But if you take a look at  history of California gold lever it lasted about 7 year. From 1848 till 1855. In that period people founded 340.000 kilo gold. Source: wikipedia

So if you take the Californian gold fever as a standaard to compare then we still have 7 more year. Because this year is the year that Bitcoin gold fever really broke out.

Is Bitcoin a hype?

In my personal opinion, i don’t believe that bitcoin is hype. I think it can revolutionize something special in the financial industry. Bitcoin is here or should i say crypotcurrency. Crypto currency is something new but it will stay. It won’t go away. The fact is that many countries are have accepted Bitcoin as a legal currency. Currently there is a lot of investment going on in the Crypto world. Many new start ups have risen and new business have come up from the ground. It won’t go away. At least not on the short term.

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