Potential Growth Stocks 2019

growth stocks 2019
  • The cannabis industry is booming
  • FAANG stocks are making a comeback
  • Crypto the sleeping beauty

Hi guys,

In this blog I am writing about stocks that I believe are growth stocks for 2019. The cannabis industry is finally starting to grow since it was legalize in Canada. But also it thanks the growth to the increasing numbers of medical marijuana patients. For example Maryland ( a state in the US) started last year with medical cannabis sales. From Dec. 2017 till Nov. 2018 the revenue was 95,4 million USD. Their patient base grew over 191% in their first seven months. More and more states are considering to legalize the recreational use of Cannabis. With each approval of laws, it will bring joy to the Cannabis stocks. Sales records of cannabis.

FAANG Stocks

2018 was a tough year for some tech stocks. The bear had a good grip on them on the second half of 2018. There were solid reasons for the decline of those FAANG stock prices. Facebook had data leaks, fake news and privacy issues that they had to fix. Apple have a declined demand for their new iphones. Google was pretty much flat on growth. Only Amazon (28% up ) and Netfix (40% up ) did great. I sold my Amazon shares at 1850 USD and I am thinking to get back in with Amazon. There is still great growth potential.

With all scandals that Facebook had , it still had a very amazing financial balance sheet. In fact they had their best year ever. With a revenue of 55 billion compare to 40,6 billion in 2017. In it’s core FB is doing great business. The number of active users on it’s platform is still growing and so are the advertisers despite the scandals.

I think google stock price will go up high as well. I think that ad revenue will continue to grow to new high levels. The same can also be said for the cloud business where Alphabet is in. With Amazon planning to open more stores, netflix increasing subs, google and facebook business growing to new records. I think that FAANG stocks will beat the general market growth again. The only thing where I am not sure of is Apple. Because they are currently trying to make something else their core business as the sales of iphones are declining.

Crypto the sleeping beauty

Bitcoin price has been stable for quit some time now. (price range between 3500 USD – 3999 USD). I have no clue of Bitcoin is going to do. But one thing I know for certain is that Bitcoin have always been a leader. When BTC moves up the rest follows. At the moment it seems to be quiet in the crypto world. But things are starting to move up as Facebook is working on their own crypot. Jack Dorsey ceo/co-founder from twitter and square is investing weekly 10k USD on BTC. ( just recently). So it seems to me something is up for crypto this year or in 2020.

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