Nacarat:Beautifull,stylish & online menu with a shitty appearance


About a month ago, I was shopping with a friend at Hudson Bay in Amsterdam. Hudson Bay just had their stores open. And it was one of the first stores that went open in The Netherlands. So I had to check it out. During shopping there, I noticed that on the top of the woman’s building there was a restaurant called Nacarat. I thought I will check it out a other day.

Ron Blauw

This resturant Nacarat is owned by Ron Blauw. Ron Blauw is a Dutch native top chef and resturant business man. And he is also famous for being a jury on the cooking television shows such as Top Chef and Junior Master Chef.

The Experience

I can’t tell what the food experience is at the Nacarat resturant. That is because the night before. My friend texted me that she thought the menu was odd. Because she which section of the menu was food. Because all she could see were drinks.

The first thought that popped in my head was, that I thought she was playing me. So I went to their website and checked out their menu. And indeed my friend was right. The website itself of Nacarat is beautifull designed but the menu was a bit of a maze. So because of that unclear menu my friend and I went for sushi at Genki resturant in Amsterdam.

After eating sushi at Genki, my friend suggested to have a drink at Nacarat. Once we got there, we were amazed by their indoor design. It was really breath taking.

The Drinks

The drinks were ok, nothing really special in my experience. But it was nice to see how the bartender made a cocktail for us. Felt a bit like a scene from a old movie where Tom Cruise was dancing and making a cocktail.

Nacarat sour cocktail
Nacarat sour cocktail


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