Markets Turmoil: how to deal with it?

Hi guys,

It has been a while that I have wrote a blog. The markets these days are keeping me really busy. Three questions kept popping on my head: Should I sell? Should I buy or should I HODL?

Sometimes when I look at my investments, I keep wondering should I sell now or not? These markets turmoil makes you re-think on your investments. And you emotions comes into play too. Fear is a factor that put a pressure on you to make a very fast short term decisions. Most of the time those decisions turns out to be wrong.

For example today I look at my investment in BTCP. The value has keep on droping everytime when bitcoin is dropping in value. The reason why all crypto are dropping in value is because of the politics that are wanting to create some laws for crypto. And of course ad tech companies such Facebook and Google are now banning ads that have any correlation with financial products, content such as crypto, binary options, ico’s and so on.

If you put on the bearisch glasses you would think crypto’s and ico’s are now doomed, right? But if you look it objectively and put your focus on the long term, then you see all what is happening right is actually good for crypto’s. Let me explain.

These laws that are coming for these crypto’s are meant as protection for investors. And you have to admit it. We need some of these laws. Crypto’s are in general meant for a greater good. But right now with no laws, there are too many scams that is running around that hurt us as citizens pretty bad. And the shitty part is that we can not make those scammers pay. Because they haven’t broke any law.

So here is what I think. When these laws are in place then most of the bad weeds are out of crypto’s. Which will lead into that investing in crypo’s is ok. And when that happens Google and Facebook will adjust the advertisement rules. And before you know it the mass audience wil start in investing crypto’s again like you have never seen before.

In conclusion how you should deal with Markets turmoil. The answer to that is simple. Look at the companies team. Are they achieving the targets that they have set out? And will they most likely do so in the future? If the answer both is yes , then I would say hodl your investment. Most importantly NEVER DO PANIC SELLING. Buy red and sell green.

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