January week 4 2019

We are already on the 4th week of January. Time flies so fast when you don’t pay attention to it.

The first few weeks of January was relaxing for me. Took some time off to relax. Work in hilversum was fun. My ittle brother’s girlfriend aunt opened are really nice Vietnamese Resturant in Hilversum. If you are in Hilversum, you should give it a try. The food is really good. My favourite dish is the ” Bo Luc Lac.” The name of the restaurant is called: Càphê Eig&Wijs

New Projects coming up:

Andre Roessen called me earlier this month and proposed me to give a presentation. I will talk about this more later this year.

Another project that I am currently working on is a takeaway resturant for one of my good friend Hong. His takeaway restaurant is called Eethuis Sita. The restaurant is a tribute to Hong’s auntie ( who have passed away).

Last week we put a first floor in the Eethuis Sita building. Currently we are working on the menu. Our focus is to start running the business in March.

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