Amazon Empire continuous to expand

Amazon is one big giant company that sells practically everything. Not only does Amazon offers you products and services online, it has also stores. Such as the Amazon book store, Amazon grocery Fresh pick up store.

Amazon Go Store in development

Amazon Go Store is one of the few things that gets me excited as a consumer. I mean I like the idea of walking in a store, grab the stuff that I want and then leave. No hassle , no lines at the cashier.

Amazon is one big giant in the e-commerce business. Now it is aiming to become also a giant whole- seller offline. They took over Whole Food Store not too long ago. And now they are trying to make a move in the Pharmacy industry.

In conclusion Amazon is getting bigger and gaining new market share or they are disrupting the market. For their customers Amazon wants to become THE company that can provide everything what their customer wants or need.

In conclusion I am currently Bullish short term and long term on the Amazon stocks. The stock price of Amazon will gain a lot of value in my opinion.


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