Dividend stocks portfolio

Hi guys, it have been a while since posted a blog. I have been really busy. I do my best to post blogs more often. Lately I have been looking for a new dividend stock to add to my dividend stocks portfolio.

It was a pain in the ass, to find a good one with really high yield. But finally found one! I have bought a few Canadian dividend stock of Brompton Oil Split Corp. Currently at 4 oct , the price closed at 5,20 CAD ( Canadian Dollar). I must say it is a very risky dividend stock. Because it hasn’t been paying dividends every month. If the price drops below 5 Cad then I will sell it.

I took the risk because I think they will resume with the dividend payment again next month. And when that happens, the price of that stock will rise up as well. So it’s a bit of a tricky trade at the same time. The reason why I think that they will pay out because they are paying the quarterly dividend out on oct. 15 to the share holders who have brompton oil split corp. preferred A. stock. This already been announced by the fund itself.

The other two dividend stocks that I have in my portfolio are Chimera Invenstment (Reit Fund) and Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund. (Close end fund)

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