Bitcoin Usage: Use or save it for later?

bitcoin usage

Bitcoin usage: Use it now or save it for later??

Bitcoin is aiming for new higher value because of the bitcoin usage. At this moment by writing this blog. The current value of bitcoin is above $8000 USD. With each new records of new value, people are starting to wonder if bitcoin can continue to go up in value? It’s a bit hard to say if it will continue to go up in value. Me personally I believe it will. Because the demand for bitcoin is bigger than the supply. Of Course there are many alternatives such as ethereum, bitcoin cash and so on. There is always a risk of bitcoin going down in value. But I think bitcoin is too popular right now and it seems to be stable. I mean look at what happen this year. There were two major forks on bitcoin and yet bitcoin is still breaking new price levels.

But as always with investing there is always a risk. And when price are getting too high it get some people nervous. It’s like the value are so high right now maybe it’s better if I cash it now before it goes down in value.

bitcoin usage
bitcoin usage

As you can see in the chart above look how hard Bitcoin increase in value! You can also see that in the last 24 hours on thursday 23th of now the number of transaction that has been made with Bitcoin is more 349K! That’s amazing!

So as you can see the bitcoin usage can be more than 349k on a daily base!

Look at the value it’s currently more than $8000 USD. If you got a few bitcoin to spare but are nervous about this high value. Then i would sell 1 or 2 bitcoins and enjoy with the money of it. I mean two bitcoin have a value of  $16.000 USD. You can buy a new car with it. It’s unbelievable right? I mean a year ago the value of bitcoin was around $900-$1000 USD.

Bitcoin usage keeps increasing

On I read an article that was about the Real estate world was in shock in finding out on how many people actually had bitcoins. It’s interesting to see how people use bitcoins to make a purchase. If the real estate world is going to embrace bitcoin as payment then I can only see that the bitcoin usage will keep increasing. You can read the article here: Real estate world in shock 


There is no tell what value bitcoin will keep on gaining in the future with certain. Back in July I wrote that Bitcoin would surpass the value of $5000 USD on

I still think that bitcoin will keep increasing in value because the bitcoin usage volume keeps on growing. So i will be keeping my bitcoins and won’t sell it for now. But if you want to do something that requires money then I would say sell a bit. Because as always with investing there is no 100% security that says no this will not go down in value. 

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